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Care Academy initial content confirmed

Published on July 3rd, 2006

After completing numerous projects, we have found that just covering the requirements of the ‘Standards’ does not give a complete Induction programme. As a result, our Induction programme covers:

The new Combined Induction Standards / Principles of Care

Organisation and Role of the Worker

Underpinning Knowledge sets

Additional Support Units


The content has been developed in such a manner that it addresses some of the key bad practices found in the industry, for example, ‘getting multiple people up at the same time’ (Moving & Handling / H&S issue) or the many ways that confidentiality is broken – saying “Doris needs her pad changing” to a colleague in a busy corridor. This is achieved by use of case studies and scenario based learning. – “What did she do wrong?” – “What would you do in this situation?”


The solution is built on a robust and reliable technology, allowing the delivery of consistently high quality learning materials to carers whilst providing management, training and compliance teams with access to all the management data they require.