Fluids and nutrition


This e-learning course explains the importance of food safety as well as good nutrition and hydration in maintaining health and well-being.


What we eat is vital to our health and well-being and how we look, feel and function.

It is important that people have a diet that is safe to eat and has all the nutrients they need.

Food safety is essential when preparing and handling food.

Topics Covered

  • Aims and methods of comprehensive cleaning and waste disposal.
  • Food balance.
  • How body weight is categorised.
  • How illnesses affect appetite.
  • Methods of preventing illness when dealing with food.
  • Principle types of food poisoning including the causes.
  • Recognising malnutrition.
  • The basic nutrients.
  • The importance of hydration and adequate fluid intake.
  • Your role in the prevention of infection and illness when handling food.
Average time to complete e-learning and assessments

Duration 60 minutes

e-learning content

2 e-learning modules

Course assessments

2 online assessments

Learner support

Online learner support

Certifcate on completion

Certificate available on completion

Training records archived for future tracking and reporting

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