Skillsfirst Level 2 certificate in understanding the safe handling of medicines (RQF)


This online qualification is designed for all health care staff whose duties may bring them into contact with medication.

Ref No. Level Credit Value Awarding Organisation
600/5591/1 2 13
Skillfirst Awards

Qualification Overview

This online qualification is designed for all health care staff whose duties may bring them into contact with medication. It would benefit all those seeking clear guidelines and advice regarding the various elements of safe administration of medicines.

The aim of the qualification is to provide the learner with a thorough understanding of the principles and practices of working with medicines. On completion of the qualification an individual will be familiar with the correct procedures for the administering, handling and disposal of medicines.

To achieve this qualification, learners must achieve all 13 credits in Group M.

All units are knowledge only.

Group M - Mandatory Units

QCF ref Unit Title Level Credits
Y/601/9571 SHM1 Understand medication and prescriptions 2 3
K/601/9574 SHM2 Supply storage and disposal of medication 2 3
T/601/9576 SHM3 Understand the requirements for the safe administration of medication 2 4
F/601/9578 SHM4 Record-keeping and audit processes for medication administration and storage 2 3

Topics Covered

Consequences of not following relevant legislation and guidance.

Different routes of administration.

How information is recorded and confidentiality maintained.

How medicines are supplied and obtained.

How to support individuals to administer their own medication.

Monitoring the effects of medication.

Problems with the administration of medication.

storage and disposal of medications.

The audit process in relation to medication transactions and stock levels.

The key points of current legislation.

Understand how medication is administered safely and in a way that meets individual needs.

Understand the preparations to be taken prior to administering medication.

Understand the use of different types of medication.

Understanding how medicines are classified. Understanding your role and responsibilities.

Your own role in relation to accountability and responsibility.


Delivered and accessed online via Care Academy.

4 units.

7 associated learning modules.

4 mandatory assessments.

1 round of marking and invigilation.

Skillsfirst qualification certificate upon successful completion.

email and online candidate support.

Learner records archived for future tracking and reporting.


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