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Works Simply

Our learning technology takes the strain of delivering complex, time consuming and repetitive tasks – freeing your valuable time. Importantly, we also give you real-time insights into the effectiveness of your L&D strategy – tracking and collating every second of learning and assessment into manageable data and reports.

Works Completely

At the heart of our approach is Care Academy, our dedicated learning management system delivering high-quality learning, assessment, tracking and reporting. Care Academy puts you back in control, frees up valuable time by automating your routine tasks (such as making sure staff have signed off all your policies) and delivers higher levels of training and compliance.

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Care Academy will help you achieve your strategic goals, improve your compliance, support sustainability and continuous improvement and give you the reports to help you make informed decisions.

Corporate Benefits
Learning professionals

Learning Professionals

Discover how we can take the strain off your working day, with your routine tasks automated and peace of mind your staff are upskilled to the right levels. We’ll show you how to achieve more in just 20 minutes per day!

Benefits for Learning Professionals
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System Administrators

Discover a simple, intuitive system dashboard that prioritises tasks, frees up your time and gives you complete control in achieving your training goals – 100% compliant and super easy to use.

Benefits for System Administrators
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Discover a convenient seamless training programme tailored to your needs, that fits in with your busy working day. A simple user interface, 24/7 access and online support all designed to help you progress in your career, from induction through to fully qualified professional.

Learner Benefits

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