All Wales Induction Framework (adults)

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A good induction makes sure workers understand the importance of person-centred practice and the values that underpin work in health and social care. A well-structured induction will also help workers settle and become more effective in their role.

It can increase employee commitment and job satisfaction, and has a positive effect on reducing staff turnover.


The All Wales induction framework for health and social care (induction framework) creates a firm basis for new workers to help them develop their practice and future careers, in and across the health and social care sectors. It also provides you with a clear understanding of the knowledge, skills and values that you need to see to make sure new workers are safe and competent to practice, at this stage of their development.

Optional screening assessment allow individuals who can demonstrate prior knowledge to “fast track” their completion of the learning and assessments.

Assessment of performance can be recorded using the observation toolkit and separate assessments.

For workers who do not require the full induction, each induction framework section can be available as individual courses.

Topics Covered

  • Section 1 Principles and values of health and social care (adults).
  • Section 3 Health and well-being (adults).
  • Section 5 Professional practice as a health and social care worker.
  • Section 6 Safeguarding individuals.
  • Section 7 Health and safety in health and social care.

Section 3 – Additional training may be needed to meet requirements in some very specific environments which can be included within your package.

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Duration 20 hours

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32 e-learning modules

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33 online assessments

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