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Voluntary Organisations Disabilities Group (VODG)

EdgeWorks™ provides e-learning, online assessment, policy management and compliance to VODG members

Published on October 8th, 2018

Voluntary Organisations Disabilities Group (VODG) represents leading not-for-profit providers of services and support to disabled people. One of their key objectives is to bring organisations together to share knowledge, experience and promote good practice.

Over the past 10+ years EdgeWorks™ has been fortunate enough to meet and in some instances work closely with a range of VODG members including Deafblind UK, HFT, Imagine, Act and Succeed (IAS), Avenues Group and Enham Trust to name just a few. Working alongside these organisations has enabled them to review and utilise our e-learning system and support services. As one of the leading providers for e-learning, online assessment, policy management and compliance, we’re happy to state that our dedicated learning platform Care Academy has been subjected to rigorous appraisal by many VODG members.

Current VODG partnerships and strategies

More recently we are fortunate to be working directly with FitzRoy and Advance Housing, helping them to develop their ‘digital first’ approach to learning and development. Particular focus is being placed on delivering induction (Care Certificate) and refresher training. As large organisations with multiple job roles and complex training requirements, the opportunity to automate many of the routine tasks has led to significant improvements in both compliance and training administration.

Both FitzRoy and Advance have been able to build and integrate complex training matrices combining online learning and assessment, classroom-training and policy documents all linked to specific job roles. Once configured, Care Academy can manage the scheduling and delivery of all the component parts. This frees up valuable time for the L&D team to focus on other important projects. Additionally, the ability to collect, process and present robust compliance reports will become invaluable to the senior management team. Increased availability and ease of access to this data results in better informed decisions about the effectiveness of their strategy, whilst also highlighting areas for improvement.

If you would like to find out a little more about EdgeWorks™ Care Academy and the work we have done with VODG members then please feel free to contact us.


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