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Social Care Wales mandatory registration made easy

Here's a quick guide to our online Social Care Wales: Domiciliary Care Worker (Adult) mandatory registration 'Fast-Track Principles and Values' module. This is based on our successful All Wales Induction Framework (AWIF) training which has been confirmed as acceptable evidence towards the requirement for registration by the good people over at Social Care Wales.

Published on March 14th, 2020

How we made care worker registration so much easier!

Here at EdgeWorks™ we always try to stay ahead of the game and we do this by listening to our clients and then acting upon their feedback. So, after hearing many of our clients complain about the difficulty in getting staff ready for Social Care Wales care worker mandatory registration, we got our team together and worked out a simple solution – because that’s the way we work!

Having reviewed the current online process via the SCW Care Worker Registration site, we could see why our clients were having headaches, especially with the steps required to register new staff who don’t have the required qualification or experience – this was proving the main problem route for most of our clients. Getting new staff into the sector is critical for every employer and so we set out to make this as simple as possible.

So we started with a review of  SCW P&V Award

To be eligible to register, new staff need to complete the online ‘Principles and Values Award’ (P&V Award).  However, the biggest challenge facing our clients was the well-intended but fairly cumbersome workbooks and progress logs that formed a key part of the process. The design of this new course, which is based on Section 1 of the full All Wales Induction Framework (Adults) programme attempted to combine online technology with traditional paper-based workbooks and it’s fair to say it didn’t work well for most clients. The familiar excuses such as ‘The dog ate my workbook’ or ‘I left it on the bus’ meant lost time, money and effort chasing staff. Managers were also tasked with micro-managing staff through the whole process, with multiple review points taking significant time and effort. And to make matters just a little more complicated, staff were still expected to still complete their full All Wales Induction Framework (AWIF) programme, not just Section 1  – which in reality just added to the overall confusion! Fortunately, we’ve also got that covered here at EdgeWorks™ with our online AWIF induction programme.

We instinctively knew there was a better way!

Using our dedicated learning platform Care Academy, we have been successfully delivering this type of induction training for many years across thousands of staff. We have learnt what works and more importantly what doesn’t – sometimes the hard way! But the end result is a system that is robust, comprehensive and more importantly delivers the evidence of learning and assessment when it’s needed – at inspections! So it was not really too difficult to apply this approach to the delivery of the Principles and Values Award. The result is that via Care Academy, managers can enrol staff onto our system to complete Section 1 of their AWIF programme, which can then be used as evidence towards their individual registration. All of the training is done online and staff are motivated to take ownership of their progress. After completing Section 1, staff can then seamlessly continue to complete their full AWIF programme to fulfil their induction requirement under Regulation 36. One of the key benefits of using Care Academy is that it empowers learners, free’s up managers and delivers complete transparency of progress via the detailed live tracking reports available 24/7.

All Wales Induction Framework mapping toolkit

Finally, all managers using Care Academy will be provided with a copy of our dedicated All Wales Induction Framework Mapping Tool that provides all the evidence required to support any audits and inspections and has also been accepted by Social Care Wales as valid evidence of completion of the required learning and assessment towards staff registration – a complete solution!

All Wales Induction Framework mapping document

Time to put away those ‘old school’ workbooks and free up your managers to concentrate on more important tasks. Let EdgeWorks™ Care Academy help you automate and streamline your training for both initial Social Care Wales Mandatory Registration (Adults) and your ongoing All Wales Induction Framework training requirements.