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Do you want to fast-track your induction process?

Published on December 3rd, 2018

EdgeWorks™ is pleased to announce the launch of our fast-track screening assessments designed to support initial diagnostic screening across the English (Care Certificate) Welsh (All Wales Induction Framework) and Scottish (Preparing for Practice) induction programmes.

Written by subject matter experts the fast-track screening assessments will enable employers to avoid the cumbersome, time-consuming and demotivating ‘sheep-dip’ approach to induction. Each individual will be able to demonstrate their level of prior knowledge and understanding whilst also saving around 50% of the time typically required to complete a full induction programme.

How long to complete?

Once assigned, the initial screening assessments can usually be completed in around 60 mins or less by employees. The results will confirm knowledge and understanding against the appropriate learning outcomes. This will act as high quality evidence to support future industry inspections and audits.

But we prefer classroom training or use another e-learning system?

The fast-track screening assessments are designed to work independently of our learning platform Care Academy. Therefore companies who prefer classroom based training or in fact use an alternative e-learning system can still choose to benefit from these high quality diagnostic assessments.

However, if organisations choose to use Care Academy to provide access to e-learning for either the Care Certificate, All Wales Induction Framework (AWIF) or Preparing for Practice (Scottish standards) then Care Academy will automatically deliver the required training and courses based on the assessment results. This integrated approach, ensures all learners receive a truly bespoke Individual Learner Plan (ILP) and are not forced to undertake unnecessary training.

A word about quality

Whilst improved efficiency is important, we have also ensured that ‘quality’ remains at the heart of our approach. Our diagnostic assessments are underpinned by sound assessment design principles to ensure they are:

  • Valid.
  • Reliable.
  • Practicable.
  • Equitable and fair.

They are designed to incorporate a range of approaches including; alternative response, matching, multiple response and short answer questions to ensure both knowledge and understanding is evidenced and clients can have high levels of confidence in the results.

From an ‘authenticity’ perspective, it’s important that employers can evidence the validity of their assessment process. With this in mind we also offer an additional level of security via our PIN Protected assessments. This is designed to support employers in evidencing the quality, security and integrity of their assessment process by providing an additional level of oversight.

Key benefits for employers

Many of our current clients are utilising our fast-track screening assessments to deliver the following benefits:

  • Speed up the initial diagnostic screening of new employees.
  • Ensure new employees are ‘work-ready’ in less time than traditional approaches – often saving up to 50% in time and cost.
  • Recording high quality assessments that can be used as evidence for industry inspections and audits.
  • Detailed assessment reports on-demand 24/7.
  • Avoid demotivating new employees with unnecessary training.
  • Access the fast-track screening assessments even if you prefer traditional classroom based training or use an alternative e-learning provider.

If on-boarding new employees is causing you a headache, taking far too long or simply costing you too much time and money, then please feel to contact us for a chat about how our fast-track screening assessments can help you.


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