Care Certificate update

Care Academy upgrades to meet requirement of Care Certificate


With the proposed launch of the Care Certificate in March 2015, EdgeWorks™ Care Academy is under-going a significant programme of upgrades and re-development to ensure we are ready to meet the challenge this brings.

Whilst the list of upgrades will most likely change as further details emerge over the coming months, some of the key developments include:

Content mapping

We are already working to map our existing learning programmes to the new Care Certificate, identifying any potential gaps. Once this is completed we will then work closely with our Subject Matter Experts to create additional content where required. We will also be introducing ‘scenario’ based learning content to help develop ‘critical thinking skills’ where applicable.


Assessments will support greater use of ‘reflective accounts’ which will increase the range of assessment methodologies and help support the delivery of a wider range of qualifications. This will also allow the learner the option to demonstrate a greater understanding of the content where this is applicable or required as part of the learning outcomes or assessment.

Observation toolkit

Our Subject Matter Experts (SME) are currently working closely with our tech support team to create a comprehensive range of observation templates which will directly support the delivery and recording of the Care Certificate. These will be mapped directly to the appropriate learning outcomes and will ensure each and every assessor can confidently perform and record observations in line with best practice guidelines. This feature in particular will help ensure Care Academy delivers a comprehensive and robust observation process in line with Care Certificate requirements.

Compliance reports

Building on our already extensive reporting and tracking features, we will be launching a ‘Learner Compliance’ report which will enable our clients to quickly pinpoint learners who are ‘non-compliant’. This level of tracking will help employers reduce the risk of ‘enforcement action’ by external auditors for non-compliance.

Automatic mapping to QCF qualifications

Within each Individual Learner Record (ILR) we are creating direct links to our range of qualifications to ensure evidence can be used as Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). This will enable our clients to demonstrate a comprehensive and fully integrated approach to staff development, whilst ensuring each learner receives appropriate recognition as part of their own unique learner pathway.

User Interface

The current user interface will be re-designed to facilitate greater tablet and mobile compatibility.

Countdown to launch

Over the coming weeks and months we will continue to share our plans both by email and webinar with our key clients, if you or a colleague would like to be kept up to date with developments register online and we will keep you posted.