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Giving you the Edge… the funding Edge

Sourcing funding to help support your training strategy can be a full-time job - fortunately we already work full-time unlocking funding streams for our client's all around the UK. Read about our Funding Consultancy Service to find out more.

Published on July 25th, 2019

Is your current training provider or e-learning system simply a cost to your organisation, or do they deliver real value? That is, value in the form of helping you to access a variety of funding streams that can really turbo-charge your training strategy?

Our added value

In order to demonstrate our worth in a competitive workplace, the team at EdgeWorks™ are always keen to demonstrate the value we can add to our clients. We know that this added value goes above and beyond any standard offering elsewhere. When we sign new clients, we want them to stay with us. We can only achieve this by proving our value time and time again. As a result, we continuously invest in improving our products and services with the sole aim of solving our client’s problems. Beyond our core learning services, we offer our clients the opportunity to tap into our extensive funding consultancy services which helps them drive their business forward and changes our relationship from simply another provider to a true partner, capable of adding cash back into the business. Our funding experts work full-time on researching and understanding the funding marketplace, using their skill and judgement to anticipate the changing dynamics and helping our clients stay ahead of the game.

Our ‘Funding Consultancy Service’  is central to how we operate and is often a key driver in why new clients choose to work with us!

Over the past 5 years, our specialist funding team have successfully worked with our clients to secure in excess of £500,000 worth of training finance. This additional funding frequently covers the costs of their existing training provision or enables them to offer enhanced opportunities they would otherwise struggle to support. Whilst we’re rightly proud of this, we have no intention of resting on our laurels and we want to work with new clients – perhaps just like you – to identify regional and national funding opportunities that can really help you turbo charge your training strategy.

How the funding works

EdgeWorks™ Funding Consultancy Service is available to all clients – both current and new. Our unique service can be requested ad-hoc or as part of a turnkey package. Once our sights are set, we’ll work with you to identify potential funding streams and draft high quality tender proposals. Alongside this we will design fully financially compliant training programmes and take care of contract management from start to finish. Typical programmes can include creation of bespoke accreditation and/or the delivery of industry recognised qualifications, pre-employment training as part of a wider recruitment plan through to induction training or in-work progression for the benefit of staff CPD.

So, whether you’re looking at taking on new staff, upskilling your existing team, or promoting key people within your organisation, our Funding Consultancy Service can help you select and source the most appropriate funding stream to match your project.


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