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Induction, more than a training issue

Published on June 22nd, 2006

The New Combined Induction Standards come at a time of change in the industry, where both training managers and compliance officers are under greater pressure to deliver and prove good quality induction training.

  1. CSCI are looking for more detailed reporting on individual training plans.
  2. CSCI are also looking to address bad practices in homes – how do you prove you are addressing these?
  3. GSCC Registration of Care Workers 2007.
  4. Recruitment in Social Care is growing, with TV and Radio adverts prominent.
  5. There is still high turn over in the industry – some of our clients induct 500 – 1000 people per year.
  6. IT usage in the industry is becoming more prominent, driven by initiatives such as the Electronic Patient Records.
  7. Health & Safety compliance is a hot topic – and hence training is being pushed to deliver more.
  8. Legislation is continually changing – resulting in constant changes in training materials.
  9. Many care homes struggle to prove training has taken place.

So it’s not just a training issue – health and safety, compliance, management and employees all need consideration.