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Introducing… the 20 minute working week!

Published on February 25th, 2022

OK, so a 20 minute work week really is wishful thinking… but we at EdgeWorks™ CAN drastically reduce the time it takes to manage your complex Health and Social Care training plans… Our system, EdgeWorks™ Care Academy, streamlines and automates your tracking and reporting. In fact, this task will usually only take a maximum of 20 minutes – imagine what you can achieve in all the extra time you’ll have! 

Anyone who manages staff onboarding and training within the healthcare sector knows that keeping up who’s doing what – and to what level, can be a logistical headache. We know that many organisations still rely on spreadsheets, loose papers and verbal communication for keeping track – which can obviously be time consuming and inaccurate.

With EdgeWorks™ Care Academy, staff training data is collated in a dedicated report, making it a doddle to analyse at a glance, with full visibility of who is doing what and the level they’ve achieved. The easy to use manager’s dashboard, filters your most important tasks and delivers customised alerts that allow you to easily prioritise what you need to do to keep everything flowing nicely. We’ve honed our system by analysing training delivery data gathered from hundreds of clients over more than 10 years and passing that vast knowledge onto you, with smart tools and support that means you’re always in control of your training plans.

So, if you’re spending more than 20 mins per week trying to stay on top of staff development, talk to us. 

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