Key Benefits - Learning Professionals

Putting you in control.


Bespoke training matrix

We help you create your own detailed training matrix including job profiles, training required, repeat timeframes and then let Care Academy take the strain.

Learning content

Learning content

High quality learning content written by Subject Matter Experts.


High quality assessments

Our assessment questions have been written by subject matter experts and reviewed by Awarding Organisations which means you can be confident in the quality of our courses.


Intelligent assessments

Learners only have to re-attempt questions which they have answered incorrectly, saving significant time, effort and cost whilst also ensuring we do not over-assess.

System administration

Multiple-choice, Multiple-answer

In line with best practice assessment guidelines, all of our questions are multiple-choice, multiple answer, not just single check-boxes which ensures the integrity of our results.


Higher demand assessments

Skills for Care note that some learning outcomes within the Care Certificate are not easily achieved via traditional multiple choice questions. Care Academy has a range of ‘Higher Demand’ assessments designed to capture more detailed written responses from learners which are available for review and comment on-demand. This ensures clients can evidence achievement in line with best practice guidelines.


PIN protected assessments

Unlock course assessments at a time which is convenient to you. Enables learners to complete study remotely, but complete final assessments in a controlled environment ensuring high levels of compliance.


Competency observations

Use Care the Academy Observation toolkit to manage your own competency observations. This ensures you can schedule, record and report on any type of competency observation and thereby support a wide range of training including traditional classroom training.


Unique 'digital first' qualifications

We offer access to a range of awards, certificates and diplomas using our unique qualification delivery technology.

Classroom course integration

Integrate classroom courses

Create and schedule classroom courses and track attendance including recording ‘no-shows’. Automatically manage and allocate attendees onto classroom courses. Reduce wastage associated with low attendance and deliver classroom training in a timely manner.

System administration

User management

Get a truly holistic overview of your training delivery, identify bottle-necks, non-performance and progress against detailed individual Learner plans (ILP’s).

Licence models

Assign training by job role

Configure your bespoke training matrix to deliver pre-selected training programmes aligned directly to different job roles.


Auto-schedule future training

Using existing training data, Care Academy can automatically manage and deliver variable dates for refresher or specialist training ensuring every learner has a bespoke ‘Individual Learning Plan’ (ILP).

Reporting graphic

Real-time reports

More than 60 real-time reports enables you to filter, view and download the data you require.


Real-time contract control

Stay in control of your contract by viewing real-time data on system usage including courses, credits and future usage forecasts.

User support

Communication tracking

Full communication tracking between user, support staff, assessors – quickly understand any issues and resolve without delay.

Reporting graphic

KPI’s tracking and reporting

Identify the metrics most important to your organisation and we track, report and advise on how to ensure continuous improvement.

Fully supported IT

Programme launch support – manager webinars

Range of engaging and detailed support webinars designed to help your line managers to quickly get up to speed and ‘buy-in’ to your digital-first approach.

Funded training

Automated Workforce Development Funding form management

Our Workforce Development Funding (WDF) forms management feature will automatically generate pre-populated WDF forms ensuring you claim the full amount of funding available.

User support

Support – Helpdesk, email, telephone, centre team

We offer Senior Managers full system support via online helpdesk, email and telephone. Access to our centre support team is always available.

Learning content


Follow-up key learning and assessment with highly individualised surveys to establish feedback.

System administration

Integration with existing HR/Training systems

Integrate Care Academy with existing HR/training systems to automatically streamline the recruitment, training and development of all your employees.

Fully supported IT

SAAS solution

Access to Care Academy is offered as a fully hosted solution, meaning clients can sign-up and start taking advantage of the system features and benefits without any additional IT investment.


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