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The same old actions deliver the same old results

Published on September 15th, 2017

Acknowledge the issues and change will happen

We meet many HR, L&D and training managers who struggle to improve their training delivery because of legacy paper-based administration, old HR systems and internal processes that are no longer fit for purpose. How can you be expected to upskill a workforce with complex training needs while making sure the organisation remains competitive if you don’t have the right tools to get the job done?

Identifying the issues is a good first step

HR and L&D teams need to acknowledge they have a problem and stop fudging the issue. Every year we work with organisations who want to improve, yet face a range of internal problems. Here are the most common:

  • Accountability: You have a responsibility to deliver training and compliance, yet have no real authority to make sure your plans are implemented and supported.
  • Devolved Responsibility: Giving local managers with too much freedom to manage and assign training without quality tracking and reporting can lead to confusion and gaps in both training and compliance.
  • Legacy Systems: Old administration and HR systems that were never designed to support and deliver sophisticated training strategies, create barriers to improvement.
  • Administrative Processes: Old internal processes that have been added to over time, often result in duplication of effort, wasted man-hours and unreliable data.
  • Lack of ‘Big Data’: When you are faced with all these problems, it’s impossible to see the big picture. This makes strategic decision making almost impossible, and little or no value is added to the organisation.

EdgeWorks™ Care Academy can help

Because we know the sector inside out, we can work with you to re-engineer your approach to learning and development. This means putting you and your needs at the centre of our solutions, making sure our technology is fine-tuned to the way you want to work. We start by discussing and documenting what success looks like for you and then we build a solution that puts you back in control. Our 5 step process is as follows:

Our 5-Step process can help you make the necessary changes

  • We document your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). If you don’t have any yet, we can help you identify and document them.
  • We help you create a coherent training matrix for all key members of staff including; induction, timescales for repeat training and any specialist training needs.
  • We discuss and review your current in-house systems and processes which help us create a draft blueprint for moving forward.
  • The next stage involves us building your Care Academy platform to your exact requirements.
  • We get you up and running and then continue to provide as much (or as little) support as you need via our training, support webinars and online helpdesk.

EdgeWorks™ put you back in control

EdgeWorks™ learning, assessment and compliance platform Care Academy is used by many leading organisations to support their workforce development strategies. We automate and streamline many of the complex training related task’s that consume so much time and put busy professionals back in control, giving them time to breathe, make informed decisions and make a tangible impact upon their organisation.

Contact us for an informal discussion about how we can help put you back in control.