The number one question clients ask
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The number 1 question clients ask

Published on October 11th, 2016

Working with a learning technology company can be a daunting prospect for many clients and so we have outlined the top 5 questions we are commonly asked. Hopefully, by reading how we answer them many more clients will feel confident about engaging with companies such as EdgeWorks™ and discovering how we can help you achieve your goals.

#5 : How do I know your learning is any good?

Historically, e-learning was often unfairly criticised as being inappropriate for the care sector, where face to face training was the preferred method of delivery. In response, e-learning has had to improve the quality of the available learning and the associated tracking and reporting. At Care Academy we guarantee that our learning content will meet the required learning outcomes for any given standard. All of our learning and assessments are written by subject matter experts who are recognised leaders in their field and have many years experience working closely with national awarding organisations to create fully accredited qualifications.

#4 : How long does training take to complete?

Clients often ask this question for a number of reasons including: they’ve heard e-learning is quicker and more effective than face to face training but don’t know how to quantify this assumption. Alternatively, they want to plan training schedules and set pay rates/budgets for learners based on average times to complete. All of this information and more can be extracted and provided to clients for planning purposes. In practice, Care Academy offers access to a range of Integrated Screening Assessments (ISA) which allow learners to demonstrate prior knowledge and so exempt them from learning modules as appropriate. This provides learners with a highly individualised learning plan and ensures time and budgets are maximised accordingly.

#3 : Can Care Academy be linked to our internal HR system?

Not surprisingly, many clients have existing internal systems including third-party or in-house HR systems which are often dated and limited in scope. It’s not uncommon to see some large nationally recognised companies still using paper based administration files and/or excel spreadsheets to try and manage complex training matrices, involving hundreds if not thousands of staff. Very often senior managers have to invest significant time and effort in simply inputting data in order to maintain these antiquated processes. Further still, extracting clear data/reports is often difficult and sometimes near impossible. Over the years Care Academy has been integrated with many client systems ensuring learners, training staff and senior managers have a single point of reference for all their training needs.

#2 : How much does Care Academy cost?

It’s worth noting here that Care Academy is fully configurable, every client can have their own bespoke version or they can simply purchase access off-the-shelf. The high number of configuration variables means we often need to take some time to understand the client needs, so we can recommend the best option. Our clients range from small local care providers through to large national operators and each one has a different package and price. The one thing they all have is an emphasis on value for money and a significant return on investment.

#1 : If an employee leaves, do I still have to pay for their training?

Whilst this may come as a surprise, it frequently appears as a top question for many clients, some even ask this question before we have even discussed price! To that end, it suggest that clients actually place more importance on ‘value for money’ rather than overall price. For us here at Care Academy, this is a fairly easy one to respond to given that we have designed the system to automatically return any unused credits to our clients account. We’re keen to provide ‘value for money’ wherever we can.

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Care-Academy key features - Content


All of our e-learning content is designed to exceed minimum standards giving you absolute confidence in the quality of training provided to employees. It is written by industry respected Subject Matter Experts and accredited by nationally recognised Awarding Bodies including Skillsfirst, NCFE and City & Guilds.


Learner Guarantee

We guarantee that any learner who completes our learning and assessment will be ‘fit-for-work’ and will meet the learning outcomes applicable to their course or qualification. In the unlikely event of an issue being raised, we will provide access to further training from within our portfolio at no extra cost. This means we share the risk of achieving 100% compliance with you.



We update our content in line with changes to legislation at no cost to you the client. Therefore you can rest assured that our content will always reflect industry best practice.


Structured Learner Pathway

We offer a fully integrated pathway from induction, specialist course and mandatory refresher training through to fully accredited qualifications. This means your learner's can quickly progress from new employee through to qualified worker with the minimum support. This reduces your cost of ongoing support and frees up your training personnel to provide higher value training interventions.