Key Benefits - System Administrators

Free yourself from routine tasks.

Learning content

Manager dashboard

All managers have access to a detailed online dashboard that monitors and reports on learner activity in real-time. Potential issues are automatically ‘flagged’ for review which ensures you remain in control at all times

System administration

Traffic light system

Easy to view traffic light system tracks learner progress and highlighting who is ‘ahead’, ‘on-schedule’ or ‘behind’ target completion dates.

Fully supported IT

Online enrolment

All of our courses and qualifications feature our auto-enrolment capability which removes the headache of having to arrange time consuming ‘one-on-one’ interviews prior to starting a programme.


Schedule future training

Using existing training data, Care Academy can automatically manage and deliver variable dates for refresher or specialist training ensuring every learner has a bespoke ‘Individual Learning Plan’ (ILP).

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Training notes

Add extra detailed training notes to each individual learning plan (ILP), including notes on training completed elsewhere to ensure you have a comprehensive record of achievement.

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Chronological history

View a detailed chronological history of each learners’ progress including learning, assessment questions and answers, assessor support and centre guidance. Provides a high level of evidence to support third-party inspection or audits.

Learning content

Downloadable data

Run a variety of reports and download data (CSV) for further in-house analysis.


In-built survey technology

Care Academy offers access to learner survey technology which supports a wide range of data capture exercises including learner satisfaction results.

User support

Online helpdesk

Site Administrators have access to a fully supported online helpdesk to offer assistance with any technical queries. Our online helpdesk acts as your first line of support and avoids unnecessary work for you and your colleagues.

Classroom course integration

Record classroom training

Classroom course integration allows clients to schedule and record classroom based training within the learner digital ILP. This ensures all reports are centralised and available 24/7 with no requirement to archive paper-based reports or complex excel spreadsheets

System administration

Integrate classroom courses

Create and schedule classroom courses and track attendance including recording ‘no-shows’. Automatically manage and allocate attendees onto classroom courses. Reduce wastage associated with low attendance and deliver classroom training in a timely manner.

Classroom course integration

Mark attendance

Use classroom course manager to mark attendance, cancellations and unauthorised absences for all your important practical training sessions and keep reports in a single digital ILP.


In-built certificates

Care Academy provides access to fully date stamped and co-branded certificates of completion which are only available via manager accounts and require ‘sign-off’ as required by Skills for Care.

Reporting graphic

Track performance

Plan and schedule your future requirements by tracking workers awaiting placement for assigned practical training. View attendance performance trends across your organisation as well as review class capacity.

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Cohort tracking, reporting and compliance

On-demand access to wide range of proven reports designed to identify learners who require additional support.

Classroom course integration

Demonstrate leadership, management and governance

Demonstrate effective leadership and management skills and experience, especially when undertaking an audit or inspection.


Demonstrate commitment to continuous improvement and sustainability

Show evidence of your commitment to continuous improvement and sustainability.

Reporting graphic

Manager standardisation reports

Collate and analyse sample reports and feedback to assist with standardisation audits and ensure consistency across your organisation.


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