EdgeWorks Care Academy update
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How Care Academy works

Published on June 23rd, 2006

The programme delivers flexible and comprehensive learning materials in the following ways:

  • In the home/organisation – learning is delivered via a computer (known as e-Learning), workplace activities, 1-2-1’s with managers, facilitators and colleagues.
  • In the classroom – Practical and high value activities such as Safe Food Handling, First Aid, Moving & Handling, Group Discussions, Problem Solving, Person Centred Approaches and Conflict Resolution.

All elements of the learning are structured – the classroom events are dependent on the completion of certain online and workplace activities prior to attendance. After these successful completion, carers will be expected to carry out further workplace activities to consolidate learning – with access to computer based revision materials.

The programmes is structured over the 12 week induction period, with achievement targets throughout; however, the new format will allow care managers and their team the flexibility to manage each individual induction programme.