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What every HR and training manager needs to know about the cost of inkjet printers

Published on May 11th, 2019

Inkjet printers.

Do we sell them? No.

Do we work on commission with anyone who deals with them? No.

Do we use them? Well, yes we have done in the past, until we realised the whole printing experience was getting a little too pricey for our liking.

That’s why this blog is about inkjet printers. Or at least it will be. Let us get there.

When EdgeWorks™ promote our Care Academy learning platform, we’re never going to claim we’re the ‘cheapest’ e-learning provider for business owners, HR and Training Managers to sign-off on. We price our options to be competitive, certainly, but also to reflecttrue value for money around what you’ll get and how simple and effective you’ll find the package to use. When it comes to price and value, we need to appreciate that these are two very different things.

So, what’s all this got to do with inkjet printers?

Inkjet printers are an attractive option to those of us with printing needs in the home and at the office because they’re reasonably priced to buy. On paper (sorry), they’re a decent bit of kit for the price. However, the true cost behind running an inkjet printer sadly doesn’t stop the moment the initial transaction is complete. To spell it out, when that day comes when you run out of ink – likely in the middle of printing something exceedingly urgent – the cost to replace the cartridges will be almost as much as it would be to buy a new printer all over again! In business terms, the ongoing costs far outweigh and hugely overshadow any upfront fee. It’s a false economy. So, whilst purchasing the cheapest e-learning system looks great initially, the true hidden cost can be significant.

At EdgeWorks™, we have no desire to be the inkjet printer of the training world. It’s not very ‘us’, and it’s not very fair on our clients. That’s why, when you assess all your options for your training and development needs, you need to examine the value that you’ll get in return for the price you will pay.

EdgeWorks™ Care Academy has been specifically designed and built with numerous micro-features to enhance the user experience. This includes fast-track assessments to help speed up initial skills scans and automatically remove unnecessary learning and assessment thereafter. Everything is clear, simple and transparent. The employee can complete all aspects of training and induction in one place with ease. Senior staff can then efficiently assess, monitor and report on this training from that point on.

You may be considering – or have even already purchased – a cheaper alternative for your training needs right now. However if the upfront low price was more of a deciding factor than the value that the package could offer you – and save you – over time, you can expect to keep a hand in your pocket and an eye on the clock for the remainder of the time you make use of your bargain purchase. Not very good for your budget, your clients, or your business as a whole, is it?

When making any decisions in your role as a business owner, HR or Training Manager, if you purchase a solution that requires your staff to lose hours, sanity and patience on interacting with the e-learning system in the first place – that’s the real hidden cost of the package you’ve purchased.


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