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EdgeWorks™ launches first-of-its-kind ‘Funding Alliance’

Published on January 17th, 2022

We are excited to announce that we’re launching a  pioneering new programme called ‘EdgeWorks™ Funding Alliance’. It’s set to be the only ‘Health & Social Care (HSC) Funding Alliance’ dedicated to winning bids that support recruitment, induction and in-work progression. After years of working within the HSC sector,  creating the EdgeWorks™ Funding Alliance feels like a natural next step for Mark O’Shea and me, as it builds on our 20+ years of experience and our growing network of connections across both the care sector and Further Education (FE).

If you’re in any of the following sectors, we’d like to invite you to join the EdgeWorks™ Funding Alliance:

  • Employers within HSC 
  • FE colleges and Independent Training Providers (ITP) 
  • Experts and consultants

A first for Health & Social Care

With EdgeWorks™ Funding Alliance, we are the first e-learning provider to effectively join the dots between care sector employers who have ongoing staff recruitment and training requirements – and the Further Education colleges and Independent Training  Providers who have access to funding for training and qualifications. Demand for highly skilled and qualified staff within the care sector is growing exponentially – and we understand that it’s a challenge for all concerned to keep up. We are drawing on years of knowledge, not only within Health & Social Care, but also effective e-learning. We don’t simply want to be a tick in a box, we’re here to partner with stakeholders and add real long-term, strategic value”.

We’ve got you covered

Many of our funding partners are able to offer financial support across multiple regions – we already cover almost 60% of England. As we continue to roll out the EdgeWorks™ Funding Alliance, we will of course be engaging with more employers and funding partners, which will allow us to expand the range and depth of our offer across even more regions. There has never been a better time to join  EdgeWorks™ Funding Alliance!

EdgeWorks™ Care Academy

At the heart of the EdgeWorks™ approach is ‘EdgeWorks™ Care Academy’, our dedicated learning management system, which delivers accessible, high-quality courses, assessment, tracking and reporting. Designed with all stakeholders within the care sector in mind, EdgeWorks™ Care Academy helps businesses to achieve their strategic goals through streamlined onboarding, training and better staff retention. Routine tasks are fully automated, which means users enjoy consistently higher levels of training, greater compliance, sustainability and continuous improvement through reporting that enables HSC managers to make more informed decisions.

We look forward to hearing from you!