"Steve, this looks fab!"
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5 reasons to join our Funding Alliance: #1

Read #1 of our 5 reasons to join our Funding Alliance series and discover how you can:

  1. Access Funding to help you deliver training and qualifications.
  2. Deliver your own accredited qualifications using your own in-house team.
  3. Become a recognised and approved Satellite Centre.
  4. Boost your staff engagement and motivation.
  5. Demonstrate you’re a Well-led organisation, with a positive culture of continuous learning.

Published on November 13th, 2023

Reason #1: Clients think it’s a fab idea!

So, we were recently putting together plans to expand our Funding Alliance for Health and Social Care (HSC) employers in 2024 (not too far away!) when I spotted a message on LinkedIn from an employer looking for some fresh ideas on how they could support their staff to achieve accredited qualifications. They had tried all of the usual traditional methods and, didn’t want to jump through all of the apprenticeship hoops.

I decided to reply, and we had a short email exchange where I explained the idea behind the Funding Alliance. In short, how we could help her to unlock funding that often goes unused year after year, connect her staff with opportunities to achieve qualifications from colleges and providers across the country (not just from her local region) and use her own in-house team to work as part of the extended assessment team.

Heck, I even showed her how we could help them to become a recognised Satellite Centre, delivering their own qualifications.

Most importantly, we explained how we can help her build higher levels of staff engagement, which naturally drives individual motivation. And as we all know; highly motivated staff underpin all successful providers and really help with those pesky CQC inspections.

She read my email and then simply replied:

This looks Fab!

At that point, we knew that all of our hard work was worth it, and our belief that we could change the way employers engage with their staff, offer them integrated pathways, and support them to achieve qualifications was spot on!

So, if you want to get 2024 off to a fantastic start, get in touch and we can discuss how you can become a partner of our Funding Alliance and benefit from all of the above (and more).

Click on the link below to register for a copy of our Funding Alliance for Employers brochure.