HSC Recruitment Agencies: Fantastic partnership opportunity with EdgeWorks!
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HSC Recruitment Agencies: Partnership Opportunity

Published on March 6th, 2023

We are extending our pioneering Funding Alliance Partnership programme, which provides your job applicants with access to the professional qualifications they need to get the positions they want. By working closely with our network of college partners, we can help you attract, support and retain quality candidates, enabling you to support them throughout their careers and providing you with a distinct competitive edge.

Join our growing national ecosystem!

When you partner with us, you will be able to connect your candidates directly to high-quality, funded qualifications and career development opportunities – all via your own co-branded Care Academy learning portal.

We have already welcomed some leading agencies, but we have room for a few more within our national ecosystem.

These services are provided on a ‘free-of-charge’ basis to your agency, enabling you to:

  • Create long-term relationships directly with candidates
  • Track candidate progress via an online account
  • Provide ‘high-value’ support to candidates
  • Help candidates achieve ‘qualified’ status in line with sector aspirations
  • Create opportunities for your agency to help candidates with career progression and generate multiple revenue streams
  • Better deliver ‘qualified’ candidates to employer clients

Please feel contact us for an initial chat – or share this opportunity with your network if you feel this might be of interest to other colleagues.