Help Desk Support SLA

Edgeworks Help Desk support is provided via online Request Help function, email and telephone.


The following definitions shall apply to the Edgeworks Help Desk Support SLA:

“Website” means the Care Academy/Skills365 web domain and associated content.

“Documentation” means all associated material, including all printed material and online or electronic documentation (excluding training materials) referencing the website.

“Client Nominated Account Manager” means the individual who is nominated by the client organisation to be the main point of contact with responsibility for Care Academy within their organisation.

“Terms and Conditions” means these Terms and Conditions for Care Academy Help Desk Support Services and any Attachments and /or Exhibits attached hereto.

“Response Time” means Edgeworks business hours, Monday to Friday, 10.00 to 16:30, except non-service periods.

Support level

Edgeworks Help Desk support includes responding to:

  • General website usage queries which are not found in the website Resources documentation or Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Care Academy configuration issues/requests.
  • Website connectivity queries.

In addition Care Academy Support will be available for the website and will consist of:

  • Program updates, fixes, security alerts, and critical patch updates.
  • Major product and technology releases, which includes general maintenance releases, selected functionality releases, and documentation updates.

Requesting support

Care Academy support is available to all registered users via the website help desk Request Help link available upon logging in to the website. Submitted requests will be addressed within the response time.

Only the client nominated Account Manager can contact support via telephone on 0330 995 0840 or email Telephone requests may not be resolved directly and will be referred to the support team for follow-up separately. Direct telephone support is not available to anyone other than the client nominated Account Manager except where expressly agreed in advance and will be subject to our standard technical support charges.

Helpdesk limitations

Edgeworks Help Desk support excludes;

  • Security related queries (e.g. lost username and/or passwords).
  • Computer compatibility and/or configuration issues.

Security related queries

Edgeworks Care Academy takes personal security very seriously. Consequently we will not provide details of usernames and/or passwords via telephone support. Users should use “trouble with login?” link on the homepage or refer to their manager or designated person who will be able to log into Care Academy and retrieve an individuals’ details accordingly, ensuring personal data security is maintained.

Configuration requests

Configuration changes will only be implemented if formal notification is received via the Care Academy help desk Request Help web link. Where changes can be implemented by the user but request that it be completed by Edgeworks, a charge may be incurred. Any charges will be provided and approved in advance of completing request.

Technical support

For Internet connectivity questions, you should check first with your local ISP provider. Care Academy Help Desk does not include technical support for hardware / software configuration. Support with system configuration may be available at a charge via remote desktop access of your computer which will incur a minimum charge of £30 + VAT (per quarter hour).

Initial response

A response to a request for Support will be addressed within 4 business hours and where possible resolved on the same working day. The initial response may consist of receipt of an acknowledgement by Edgeworks of your request, and may not include answers to your request.