EdgeWorks™ technology helps organisations access government training funds


Despite the fact that Training Strategy Implementation (TSI) funding has been available for some time, some care organisations are still missing out on claiming around £75 per completed induction!

Whilst the reasons may well be many and varied, a common problem appears to be that often the responsibility for processing the claim is not centralised, rather it is the responsibility of managers and staff to complete and process the necessary paperwork. Hardly surprising then that this is often overlooked and vital funding is not claimed!

In order to address this problem, EdgeWorks™ has developed and recently introduced an automated TSI funding feature within Care Academy. This ensures that TSI forms are generated automatically upon completion of the induction and signed ‘electronically’ by the individual.

This not only reduces the burden of administration but also ensures no missed funding opportunities. In fact, we recently demonstrated to one client that by using our system to centralise and claim all the funds they were entitled to the system would pay for itself within the first year and provide additional funds to support other training activities!

Our system has been approved by Skills for Care and should provide a welcome relief to overworked staff.