Skills for Care update

Skills for Care launch ‘Adult Social Care Manager Induction Standards’


The new Adult Social Care Manager Induction Standards were launched by Skills for Care last week. The Standards were devised following intensive consultation and are part of the extended suite of products that support Skills for Cares leadership and management strategy. The Standards aim to ensure new managers are fully prepared prior to starting work.

Skills for Care CEO Andrea Rowe said:

“High quality induction of new managers is essential if they are to be able to hit the ground running.

Aimed at both novice and experienced managers, in all types and sizes of organisation whether they are in the public or independent sector, the Standards will, according to Andrea Rowe: reflect the move to more personalised forms of social care, particularly as expressed in the government’s Putting People First policy and Skills for Care and Skills for Health’s joint ‘common core principles’ for supporting people’s independence and ability to make decisions about their own care.

The basic web edition of the Standards is free to download. In addition, Skills for Care is to publish two books of the Standards, one for new managers themselves and one for those who oversee new managers or who are their mentors.