Policy Safe helps our customers’ win new business


Policy Safe ensure compliance

For many of our customers, the problem of ensuring care workers receive the correct training and have also read, understood and accepted associated policy and procedure document’s presents a real headache even for the most efficient organisation!

Ensuring compliance has traditionally been time-consuming and resource intensive, with the potential for mistakes to occur being a constant and real threat.

Policy Safe improves efficiency

Policy Safe, our unique policy management solution has been developed to address these very issues and help streamline the whole policy management and administration process. Policy-Safe enables customers to upload their key policy documents, distribute to key staff, test understanding, track acceptance and deliver detailed management reports on-demand. Once they have used Policy-Safe many customers wonder how they ever managed beforehand!

Policy Safe will help you win new business

Policy Safe offers multi-level functionality enabling customers to upload, distribute and track not only their own corporate policy documents, but also those belonging to their clients. This effectively means care workers can have access to documents relevant to their role, a key client or a specific region with everything configured and managed from one single user-friendly interface.

Your clients will love Policy Safe

The ability to micro-manage policy compliance in this way has helped many of our current customers secure new business and win tenders. Increasingly, the requirement to ensure policy compliance is becoming an important consideration for contracts and tenders and it is here that Policy-Safe really helps provide a competitive edge.

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