Two revealing statistics about e-learning


This week, we were asked by a client to provide them with a deeper insight into their learners use of our online system EdgeWorks™ Care Academy. The data was revealing and two statistics in particular literally jumped off the page. We are happy to share these with you as they raise a number of very interesting points, although we will keep the client name anonymous out of courtesy.

The client is a northern based care provider, employing around 300 staff who require either induction training (Common Induction Standards) or annual refresher training.

49% of all learning has been completed outside of the organisations normal working hours!

That’s right; close to half of all learning is completed in the evenings and at the weekends. These workers are clearly motivated and demonstrate a real demand for flexible learning. In fact, this pattern is repeated across many of our clients and there is no reason to think it won’t be the same in your organisation. This is even more pleasing given that this client was initially a little sceptical of e-learning and had all the usual hang-ups around IT phobia and learner take-up. They are now working with us to introduce access to our suite of QCF qualifications.

After more than 10 years providing access to e-learning, we can confidently say that most of the ‘myths’ that we hear are easily debunked. The simple fact is, most learners now have smartphones, Facebook and Twitter accounts which all require a greater degree of IT skills than is required to access and use EdgeWorks™ Care Academy.

Cost per learning hour is less than £1!

Again, it’s incredible to think that our clients can access on-demand learning 24/7 365 days a year for less than £1 per hour – which has got to be considered great value by any measurement. Sure it’s great to get access to so called ‘free’ training provided by local authorities, but that is generally becoming harder to source and makes ensuring compliance even more difficult.

Additionally, if it’s traditional face-to-face training, the hidden cost of just one person missing a course can negate the perceived benefits. Multiply this problem across a number of people throughout the year and the logistics of staying on top of training become a real drain. Not so with our system, each learner has complete access to all of their courses all year round and can access their courses as often as they wish.

In essence, it’s clear that running EdgeWorks™ Care Academy alongside your current training delivery programme is a very smart move. Not only will it increase your capacity to provide training exponentially, it’s also likely to save you some serious money.

Please feel free to get in touch if you’d like to discuss this further or simply want to find out a little more about EdgeWorks™ Care Academy on 0330 995 0840 or contact us online.