Customer acquisition, conversion and retention

Webmetrics is the brand name given to our Natural (Organic) search services which form the basis of our customer acquisition, conversion and retention programmes. Natural Search also known as ‘Organic Search’ involves designing and coding web sites with the aim of boosting listings on spider-based search engines such as Google. This process is referred to as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Natural Search was the forerunner of the search engine marketing industry and today has developed into a highly specialised industry requiring a broad range of creative, technical and strategic SEO skills.

Key SEO services

Keywords Strategy: identifying keywords and phrases that the target audience might use to search out companies products and services.

Spider-friendly URL structure and site navigation: Optimising how pages within a site link together can have a dramatic effect on the search engine ranking.

Link Popularity: The number and quality of links from other web sites will improve a sites overall ranking within the search engines and also provide opportunities to monitor traffic and build strategic partnerships.

Online Tracking: by combining web traffic, visitor behaviour and individual customer analysis companies can build customer profiles that can be continually used to improve return-on-investment.

Webmetrics forms the foundation of our on-line marketing programmes and can be enhanced by combining other key services such as E-mail Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Competitor Intelligence, News Engine SEO Content  Publishing and our innovative Web Compliance Warranty.