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What is mandatory training for social care staff


There is a very interesting debate on SCILS forums at present regarding the validity and content of mandatory training for Social Care Staff.  A number of our clients have tried to obtain definitive answers, and this is the most comprehensive answer they received (from CSCI):

“The mandatory training requirement is:

1. Moving and handling (annually)
2. Health and safety (annually)
3. Adult Protection/Abuse (every two years)

Other training may be required during inspection dependent upon service offered:

1. Child Protection
2. Food safety
3. Control and restraint
4. Medication

Care Academy provides mandatory refresher training based on this guidance.  On top of this we include content on:

  1. Your role as a carer.
  2. Worker relationships.
  3. Confidentiality.

These focus on good working practices, with an objective to remove bad practices from the workplace.

Finally, on our clients’ behalf we track content / policy changes and alter content accordingly, for example the first aid guidelines changing recently, all carers were given a refresher.

Refresher training should not purely be about timing, more about making sure your team always has access to, and is applying the latest knowledge and skills.