Maclntyre charity Introduce eLDQ training


MacIntyre is a charity set up more than 40 years ago to provide education and care for children and adults with learning disabilities. They have recently begun to offer e-learning as a popular alternative to traditional class room learning.

MacIntyre, who pride themselves on having successfully provided in-house training for many years have now launched their own eLDQ programme, which highlights the huge advantages of e-learning:

Convenience: Traditional offline training normally means employees need to collectively leave the workplace; this is not the case for e-learning.

Cost: e-learning is much more cost effective as learning can be done one candidate at a time.

Time: e-learning allows you to undertake your training whenever and wherever you want.

Here at EdgeWorks™ Care Academy, we also offer an eLDQ solution and are very happy to see an increase in companies recognising these advantages and hope to see a rise in the number of care organisations like MacIntyre introducing e-learning into their training.

EdgeWorks™ Care Academy is the market-leading e-learning solution with more than 8,000 registered users completing in excess of 300,000 learning activities and assessments, from a number of organisations including CIC, Manpower, Care@, BS Social Care and Henshaws Society for Blind People.

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