Learning services

Edgeworks learning services encompasses Learning Consultancy, e-Learning, Enterprise Learning Management and Blended Learning programmes. Our approach is based around three fundamental principles which are key to the success of any learning programme: Consultancy, Technology and Content.

As a forward-thinking company, we invest in the development of innovative learning products and services that deliver tangible benefits to all our clients.

Working with our global development teams, we have developed a range of market leading solutions which are cost-effective, flexible and truly scaleable. Key products and services include:

  1. SKILLS365: our fully compliant, web based Learning & Content Management System.
  2. Accessible Learning Shell: a unique user friendly Flash based learning delivery solution that helps clients deliver compelling content yet also addressing their legal compliance requirements.
  3. Care Academy: an online solution to assist care organisations to create, deliver and track e-learning courses.
  4. Policy-Safe: a unique product which enables clients to deliver their traditional company policies and procedures on-line with industrial strength tracking and reporting facilities.