Vulnerable adult

Government consultation to focus on the safeguarding of vulnerable adults


Care Services Minister Phil Hope today launched a consultation on the future of adult safeguarding in England, focusing on the protection of vulnerable adults within the care system.

The No Secrets guidance which is currently in place for local authorities, the police and the NHS to helps protect vulnerable adults will be addressed, as the government now wants to ensure it keeps up with changes in the social care system, with emphasis on choice, control and the changing forms of abuse.

The key issues the government will focus on include:

  • Whether there is now a need for legislation
  • The feasibility of a national database of recommendations from serious case reviews where abuse has occurred
  • What new measures are needed in the face of increased ‘personalisation’ of care with more people now being in charge of their own care instead of local authorities
  • What new measures are needed in the face of changing forms of abuse, such as financial abuse

Phil Hope said:

“I am determined to improve safeguarding of vulnerable people. We need a greater focus on prevention, a greater emphasis on safeguarding in commissioning services and support, and greater empowerment of people to determine how they wish to be safeguarded. The No Secrets guidance must be updated to make sure everyone – individuals, police, care agencies, the NHS and local authorities prevent abuse, and also recognise it and stamp it out if it does occur.”