LDQ-IA and the QCA 10 week rule


Over the past few weeks we have been asked about the Learning Disability Qualification (LDQ) and the relevance of the QCA “10 week rule”.

The QCA (Qualification and Curriculum Authority) put in place a 10 week rule for NVQ’s. This rule prohibits training providers from Certifying an Candidate within 10 weeks of their registration and was put in place to to prevent training providers withholding Registration fees until the NVQ was complete.

Many have assumed the rule will also apply to the LDQ.  In fact, there is very little guidance online to suggest otherwise.

However, City and Guilds Quality Manager has confirmed the 10 week rule does not apply to the LDQ.  This is particularly good news for Care Agencies, who need to have their staff inducted, and in the case of the LDQ, qualified in as short a time as possible.  Many of our Care Agency clients target their candidates to complete Induction within 6 weeks (the average time taken to receive a CRB check).

So, finally, confirmation that the 10 week rule does not apply to the LDQ.