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The “art” of the 20-minute work day

Published on June 8th, 2019

If there’s one word that strikes fear into the heart of any manager in any industry, it’s compliance. One of the things that makes compliance even more daunting than it is already, is the fact that it seems to take – or threaten to take – an exorbitant amount of time to satisfy.

In the Care Sector, a simple induction training plan for one individual team member can often include up to 100 elements to satisfy individual training standards. These can draw together aspects from multiple e-learning programmes, assessments, classroom training, policy document collations, competency observations and manager sign-offs. Furthermore, in typical organisations, it’s not uncommon for employers to have maybe 10- 20 different job roles- all with their own development needs running simultaneously. As a result, reliance on the use of a complex training matrix is the norm to ensure compliance. These training matrices do serve a purpose. However, if you miss something out or mess something up, the consequences from auditors can be game changing. So, is there a better system?

The problem

Whilst auditors such as the Care Quality Commission (CQC), Care Inspectorate Wales and Care Inspectorate (Scotland) have their checklists and their expectations, at EdgeWorks™, we believe that being compliant should never be confused with fretting over files and forms, and becoming daunted by data and duties. In developing Care Academy, we’ve spotted some key themes across the Care Sector in terms of how organisations were running and the problems they encountered…

  • Staff completing repetitive admin tasks that technology could handle more efficiently.
  • Organisations using inappropriate IT systems (including Excel) to manage complex data.
  • Different departments ‘doubling up’ on tasks that have already been accounted for.
  • Reliance on the comfort of collating information in a good old lever arch file…
  • And of course, staff working in the mindset of “this is the way it’s always been done”.

Excluding the fact that most of them were last classed as progressive in 1996, can you spot the common theme?

The answer is that they’re all issues that require staff to carry out a significant amount of work before being able to present anything of real value. In dealing with training, teams often find themselves firefighting, being reactive, and juggling far too many tasks. Consequently we often hear of our professionals lacking in time to get elements of their work done… it’s a high profile and common problem. It’s time for a solution. Enter, EdgeWorks™ Care Academy.

The solution

EdgeWorks™ Care Academy has been designed to automate many day to day tasks that managers have to complete in terms of training and compliance. For example, one simple dashboard is used to access and action every single task. Furthermore, EdgeWorks™ Care Academy operates on a traffic light system of red, amber and green to highlight priority. This ensures clients are sitting firmly in the driving seat, fuelled with high performance information, heading in the right direction.  It’s popular, it’s proven, and it’s been put together from the analysis of 20 years of training delivery.

And what have we learned through our research, evaluation and feedback from clients happily signing up to EdgeWorks™ Care Academy already?

What usually would take a day of admin, can now be done in just 20 minutes.

A 20-minute working day… Don’t we all want one of those?


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