Common Induction Standards now 5 years old


Launched in 2005 to help improve the standard of training for the social care workforce, the Common Induction Standards have proven to be a valuable resource.

However, recent developments such as the Qualification Credit Framework (QCF) mean they are now due an update to ensure they are consistent with current guidelines and continue to provide underpinning knowledge in line with the proposed qualifications.

The first and perhaps most obvious change is the expansion from the current 6 standards to a much more comprehensive 8.

Not surprisingly, some of the changes reflect topics which have been extensively reported in national press over the past twelve months, including both Dementia and Nutrition and Well-Being.

Although the devil is always in the detail, we are currently reviewing our Common Induction Standards programme to ensure Care Academy continues to offer a comprehensive and fully compliant package.

As part of the review process, Skills for Care is currently seeking feedback from employers, workers, service users and carers to ensure they remain fit for purpose. To access and participate in the consultation please visit Skills for Care.