Data Backup Process

Our data backup process work on 4 basic levels:

  • Web Server System Back up.
  • Office Server Back up.
  • Employee Back up.
  • Learner Responsibilities.

Web server system back up

The Qualification runs on Care Academy, a 24/7 web site located in a dedicated data centre in Maidenhead. The databases and system is backed up every 2 hours locally, copies of backups are also transferred to an offsite location daily.

In addition, once a week the contents of the Web Server Databases are downloaded to the Office Server.

Any work carried out by the Development Team must be preceded by a manual database / system back up as required.

Office server backup

All administration files are held centrally within the office server. This server has a daily back up facility – cloud backups are also performed and stored off-site for safe-keeping.

In addition, EDGEWORKS run periodic (at least at monthly intervals) backups to CD / DVD, External Hard drives for all client, internal and administration projects. These backups are in duplicate, one copy archived and the other stored off-site.

Finally, all MS Outlook profiles and data files are stored centrally in the office and are subjected to the same daily / monthly back up processes.

Employee back up processes

All Employees must comply with our data usage policies and procedures. In particular, no Employee should store key Assessment Centre documents on their local hard drive. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Learner Registration Forms.
  • Client Account Forms.
  • Sales enquiries.
  • Complaints and Appeals forms.

All Contract staff must ensure all EDGEWORKS Assessment Centre documents are sent to the Centre Manager periodically (not less than weekly) via email for storage within EDGEWORKS systems.

Employees must ensure their MS Outlook personal folders are located on their own User drives on the server.