Centre Structure

Roles and responsibilities

Head of Centre

Responsible for:

  • Business Plan.
  • Marketing Strategy.
  • Liaison between Centre – Technology Team – External Consultant.
  • Contract Management / Recruitment.
  • Sales Strategy.
  • Day 2 day running of the Centre.
  • Ensure there are sufficient qualified and occupationally competent assessors.
  • Ensure that documentation meets Awarding Body requirements.
  • Liaison with awarding organisation – accounts and administration.
  • Sales / Client / Account Management.
  • Internal and external reporting.
  • Ensure that training needs of centre staff are identified and that provision is made to meet those needs.

Centre Administrator

Responsible for:

  • Set up of learner user accounts / induction packs.
  • Management of individual learner contracts.
  • Help desk support (technical / usability level).
  • Maintain centre records about assessors’ details and learners’ progress.
  • Assessor / Internal Verifier task assignment.
  • Inform the awarding organisation of changes to Centre staff.

Internal Verifier (IV)

The co-ordinating Verifier will be the main point of contact for the company and will have overall responsibility for the qualification Delivery Team and internal quality assurance. They will be a highly experienced member of staff, with substantial experience of Centre administration, and a management qualification.

In addition, the Co-ordinating Verifier will be a qualified Assessor, an experienced and qualified Internal Verifier, and will have a care/ child care vocational qualification appropriate to the level and role at which they will be working.

The Co-ordinating verifier will have sufficient standing within the Company to gain access to and request financial and human resources, thereby maintaining the quality assurance of the qualification.

  • Manages staff within their occupational area.
  • Conducts Standardisation meetings and reviews with staff.
  • Liaises with Centre Manager for the initial recruitment of potential new Assessors.
  • Complete Complaints and Appeals process as indicated by Centre Manager
  • Continuously improves provision in line with National standards.
  • Ensures that all completions are administered correctly.
  • Ensure effective operation of the appeals process.
  • Ensure that the Equal Opportunities and Access policy is applied to all aspects of centre ordination.
  • Ensuring that assessors are competent in the theory and practice of competence-based vocational qualifications.
  • Ensuring continuous professional development records are maintained by the team.
  • Providing feedback to the External Verifier, via Centre Manager on the effectiveness of assessment.
  • Ensuring that action points agreed with the Awarding Body External Verifier are implemented.
  • Evaluate and develop all centre systems, materials and documentation in conjunction with Centre Manager.
  • Ensuring that all appropriate assessment and quality assurance documentation, records and personnel are available for the External Verifier visit.
  • Maintain good communication links with centre staff.
  • Keep information confidential and secure.
  • Providing support and advice to assessors and other staff involved with the learner’s development.
  • Ensuring assessors are applying the qualification requirements by observing practice, sampling assessment and internally verifying assessment decisions.
  • Providing prompt feedback to assessors.
  • Taking part in standardisation exercises to ensure consistency of own practice and judgements with other internal verifiers.
  • Contributing to the evaluation of assessment and quality assurance procedures, incorporating feedback from “Learner voice” and learner reviews.
  • Monitoring and reviewing learners’ achievements in relation to access to fair assessment.
  • Arranging the checking and countersigning process.
  • Completing and signing the Certification Record Forms prior to submission to the Awarding Body.
  • Ensuring that the Centre’s Quality Assurance Policy and Procedures are consistently implemented.
  • Managing and sampling online assessments for knowledge only units.

Technology Team

Responsible for:

  • Development of initial technology / content.
  • Review of technical processes / procedures to support centre requirements.
  • Data Management / Back up process.
  • Development of new features based on centre feedback.

External Consultant / QA

Responsible for the independent checking of QA of the following functions:

  • Administration.
  • Contract Management.
  • Assessor / Internal Verifier functions.


  • Follow assessment procedures.
  • Provide consistent and accurate assessment decisions, planning and feedback to learners.
  • Be aware of and follow the requirements of the appeals procedure.
  • Maintain their occupational competence and update knowledge / skills to ensure robust delivery of qualifications.
  • Liaise with the Internal Verifier to ensue high standards are maintained.
  • Respond to feedback from Internal Verifier, external verifier and from “Learner voice” / learner reviews.


  • Sign and agree learner contract.
  • Agree a completion programme with the Centre and their Manager.
  • Carry out all actions agreed with their assessor / tutor / Internal Verifier within agreed timescales
  • Keep their own copies of submitted assessment methods (this will be done electronically for knowledge assessments).
  • Take overall responsibility for the successful completion of the award.

Qualifications for centre staff

  • Assessors – D32/D33 or A1 (Learning Disability Qualification optional not mandatory) or level 3 assessing qualification.
  • Internal Verifiers – D32/D33 and D34 or A1 and V1 or level 4 quality assurance qualification.