Are you making the most of your money?


Carers UK have unveiled the focus of the ninth annual Carers Rights Day: ‘Making the Most of Your Money’. On Carers Rights Day, which will be held on 5th December 2008, groups will be holding events to ensure that carers are getting the support and benefits they deserve, making a real difference to the lives of carers in their areas.

The charity has chosen ‘Making the Most of Your Money’ as nearly three quarters of carers are financially worse-off as a result of providng care, often resulting in many living in poverty. Carers UK say that Carers Rights Day 2008 will help carers across the UK who are still unaware that they are entitled to financial help, or struggle to understand badly explained information and complex forms to get help.

Carers UK also provide free resources and advice guides which explain what benefits carers can access and hope that by highlighting these, carers will seek help to gain the benefits they deserve.