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Policy Management

Policy-Safe is an innovative browser based tool that will enable your organisation to effectively manage the creation, delivery and monitoring of key company policy documents such as recruitment guidelines, employment contracts, induction procedures, health and safety policies, QA and compliance procedures to name just a few.

Policy-Safe is particularly useful where evidence of regulatory or legislative compliance is required for either HR or training functions. As well as providing an end-to-end policy system, Policy-Safe delivers industrial strength monitoring and access reports which can be used to provide non-contentious evidence in the event of a claim for non-compliance.

Policy Creation Service

  • Create new policies or upload existing documents
  • Create a central library of policies and resources
  • Browser-based text editor

Policy Management

  • Policies reviewed and updated online
  • Policy version control
  • Assign different policies to different user groups

Policy Communication

  • Deliver new policies and record delivery and acceptance
  • Automatic alerts for new policy content
  • Schedule delivery and access to policies

Policy Understanding

  • Confirm delivery and acceptance of policies
  • Provide access to eLearning content to support understanding
  • Automate refresher courses
  • Ensure users have read, understood and accepted key legal and regulatory compliance policies

Policy Life-Cycle

  • Streamline creation, management and administration of all policies
  • Automate many Policy Life-Cycle functions and reduce effort
  • Improve policy consistency, validity and version control

Policy Audits and Reports

  • Produce detailed audit trails of delivery and acceptance
  • Deliver scheduled management reports via email
  • Provide detailed reports to auditors, regulators and other third-parties
  • Provide time-stamped, non-contentious evidence in the event of a claim for non-compliance

Additional Features

  • Conduct surveys to assess knowledge and understanding
  • SCORM-compliant technology provides integration with other eLearning content
  • Integrate with existing HR systems.
  • Customisable solution with ability to configure technology, reports etc to individual client requirements
  • Outsourced managed solution

Return on Investment

  • Significant savings against traditional policy creation and dissemination systems (Print, HR effort, education and training, reporting)
  • Competitive priced against similar policy management solution
  • Potential cost-savings in the event of claims for non-compliance

Streamline management and administration of policy life-cycle

hour glass

Remove time-consuming and costly paper based systems


Demonstrate ‘best-practice’ during industry inspections


Provide a competitive edge when pitching for new business


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