Care Academy - Key Features and Benefits

Care Academy is packed full of really useful features designed to enable you to achieve three simple goals.

Reduce cost improved compliance, improve efficiency improved compliance, and ensure compliance .



All of our e-learning content is designed to exceed minimum standards giving you absolute confidence in the quality of training provided to employees. It is written by industry respected Subject Matter Experts and accredited by nationally recognised Awarding Bodies including Skillsfirst, NCFE and City & Guilds. improved compliance


We update our content in line with changes to legislation at no cost to you the client. Therefore you can rest assured that your content will always reflect best practice with no additional cost. reduced cost

Learner guarantee

We will guarantee that any learner who completes our learning and assessment will be ‘fit-for-work’ in line with documented learning outcomes. If they are subsequently found to be non-compliant as a direct result of completing our courses, we will provide access to further training from within our portfolio at no extra cost. This means we share the risk of achieving compliance with you. improved compliance

User interface control

Our learner interface has been designed to provide maximum ‘personalisation’ allowing the user to set the text, colours, audio and images. This ensures you are compliant with Disability Discrimination Act legislation (DDA). improved compliance

Structured learner pathway

We offer a fully integrated pathway from induction, specialist course and annual refresher training through to QCF qualifications. This means your learners can quickly get up to speed and take ownership of their learning. Once on-board, they can quickly and easily progress from new employee through to qualified worker with the minimum support. This reduces your cost of ongoing support and frees up your training personnel to provide higher value training and interventions. reduced costincreased efficiency

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