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Automated Work Force Development claim forms added to Care Academy


We are pleased to announce that EdgeWorks™ Care Academy will now produce automatic ‘Workforce Development Fund’ claim forms ready for submission to Skills for Care. This means our clients will never miss an opportunity to claim WDF funding when a learner completes an eligible unit.

Skills for Care recently announced that around 2,500 organisations had accessed Workforce Development Funding, which is designed to help support the cost of staff development. However, whilst this figure may at first sound impressive, it’s really only a small percentage of the 39,000 establishments who could be eligible to claim the funding. One of the main reasons often cited for not claiming is the tracking of paperwork (claims forms) and the associated headache of chasing training providers to supply the information.

With the launch of our automated WDF forms, this is simply not an issue for Care Academy clients. The forms are generated on a unit by unit basis (not just at the end of a qualification) as the learner progresses. This enables clients to submit funding forms as early as possible and thereby increase the opportunity to access WDF funds.

For many of our clients, this unique technology can make the difference between securing or losing several thousand pounds worth of funding – a valuable revenue stream for many hard pressed training departments.