Skills for Care update

Skills for Care to boost skills of 1.3 million carers


Hard on the heels of recent research showing more than 26 million people aged 16 to 65 across the UK do not meet level 2 standards in literacy and numeracy, Skills for Care have launched a new strategy to help the country’s 1.3 million carers boost their skills.

The strategy launched at the ‘Skills for Life – Changing Lives’ conference in Manchester aims to encourage employers to take advantage of the funding available for Skills for Life development, as creating a trained and motivated workforce helps retain valued staff and avoid high costs of replacing them.

Skills for Care CEO Andrea Rowe says:

“Almost half of all adults have difficulty with numeracy and one seventh of the population are not functionally literate so it’s clear the social care workforce is no different from any other in needing to sign up to the Skills for Life agenda.”

Care Academy programmes are designed to help carers take charge of their own online learning; giving them the confidence to tackle literacy and numeracy issues and learn at their own pace.

For further information on Care Academy’s range of e-learning products view our portfolio or contact 0330 995 0840.