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New Common Induction Standards e-learning launched


EdgeWorks™ Care Academy is pleased to announce the launch of their refreshed 2010 Common Induction Standards.

After many months of hard work, Care Academy has finally completed the cross-mapping exercise mentioned in our earlier post and completely updated our learning content to meet the requirements for the expanded 8 standards. Interestingly, the outcomes have increased from around 70 to 161 – a 130% increase and now includes dementia, nutrition, equality and diversity to name just a few. This will undoubtedly put increased pressure on training resources especially as induction still has to be completed within 12 weeks!

To further assist Care Academy clients’ with the transition away from the old standards we are also launching an online CIS pre-assessment tool. The CIS pre-assessment tool will enable new employees to be comprehensively assessed and the outcomes used to determine their individual leaning plan. This will streamline the whole induction process and ensure prior learning and achievement is duly recognised.

To discuss the refreshed 2010 Common Induction Standards or to find out how Care Academy can help your organisation please contact us directly on 0330 995 0840 or use our online form.