Help start a relationship where none exists, and enhance existing relationships

Edgeworks on-line ‘Thought-Leadership’ programme has been created to specifically help professional services companies position themselves and their brands as leaders in their respective fields.

Key to the success of our programme is the development of a ‘Corporate Blog’ to develop and articulate a voice for the brand.

To build an effective on-line thought-leadership programme companies need to leverage their most valuable asset, their employees and promote them as experts or thought-leaders who speak at seminars, are quoted in the media and generally act as the face of the brand.

Thought-leadership is particularly important to professional service companies because customers purchase the services based upon the trust they have in the brand. Services are intangible and much of the brand equity is built on the relationship between the employees and the customers. Relationships are built on a combination of contact and frequency and it is in this area that a corporate blog can quickly help establish and promote industry experts from within your business.

On-line thought leadership key features:

  • Design, hosting and technical support for your corporate blog.
  • Defining the voice and personality of your blog and social networks.
  • Assistance with creating an effective editorial policy.
  • Research the ‘Buzz’ – Help with identifying what sort of information on-line users are seeking and building that into your articles, commentary and news.
  • Help with the frequency of posts – we can help companies identify and produce current news items in order to keep the blog fresh.
  • Assistance with on-line marketing techniques.
  • Monitoring and tracking site activity.
  • Integration with other on-line marketing activities such as research, production, distribution and tracking of white papers.