Are you making the most of email for your business?

Edgeworks provides clients access to a dedicated web based email marketing portal to facilitate the creation, broadcast and tracking of email marketing campaigns. The system has a number of powerful features including; list building and management, profiling, personalization, auto-scheduling, response tracking and management including administration of auto-unsubscribes, auto-forwarding as well as providing clients with detailed campaign reports, downloadable 24/7.

Compared to traditional direct marketing campaigns which typically yield around 2% response, our email campaigns more often achieve rates of 20 – 30%,  whilst simultaneously reducing production cost’s and increasing speed to market.

The exponential growth of email marketing has also seen a similar rise in email spam and associated problems, to combat this Edgeworks email marketing programmes are created under the umbrella of our unique Web Compliance Warranty to ensure customer data is collected and managed in the most appropriate format.