EdgeWorks™ launches “JobDept”


EdgeWorks™ has today announced the launch of their unique Recruitment Marketing Solution ‘JobDept’ (http://www.jobdept.co.uk/).

JobDept enables companies to maximise the organic exposure of their job vacancies across popular search engines, vertical (job specific) search engines, job boards, RSS directories and blogs to ensure access to the widest pool of talent.

JobDept meets key industry guidelines for:

  1. Data Protection especially the transfer of personal data via job applications and CV’s.
  2. Usability and accessibility as provided by W3C guidelines.
  3. Search Engine Protocol for site submission.
  4. Individual user privacy protocols such as P3P.

In addition to the core functionality, JobDept can be combined with EdgeWorks™ Performance Marketing (Pay-Per-Click) and online advertising services to target niche vacancies.

JobDept is provided as a fully outsourced solution and so requires no in-house IT support or complex contract. Following an initial set-up, the solution is offered on a simple month by month basis.

Key features of JobDept include:

  1. Crawlable URL’s: this makes it easy for search engines to find and index your job vacancies.
  2. Search Engine Optimised (SEO) friendly job descriptions: enable search engines to index key words and descriptions for each and every job listing.
  3. Simple and intuitive management and administration interface: requires very little training and product support.
  4. RSS subscription: enable users to receive automated job alerts.
  5. XML feeds: enables organisations to feed multiple online job boards specific to their industry.
  6. Site Analytics: On-demand site analytics available to track and monitor visitor traffic.
  7. Fully secure and web compliant solution: organisations have peace of mind that JobDept will always meet industry best practice guidelines.

For more information about JobDept visit http://www.jobdept.co.uk/.