Skills for life audit tool


EdgeWorks™ is currently developing an online ‘skills for life’ audit tool created specifically for the care sector. Although the governments latest skills for life progress report indicates that the Department for Innovation, Universities and the Learning and Skills Council are exceeding targets for improving basic literacy and numeracy, many care organisations in particular are still struggling to make significant headway due to the low skill profiles of much of the workforce.

EdgeWorks™ Care Academy skills for life audit tool, will provide all organisations with an excellent starting point with which to assess their workforce against the National Standards in Literacy and Numeracy. The outcome from this innovative diagnostic tool can then be used as the foundation from which to build a truly accurate workforce development programme.

Key Features include:

  • Users logon to the system and work through a series of short literacy and numeracy assessments designed in line with National Standards.
  • Questions are randomly selected from a databank, ensuring users are not presented with the same question format.
  • All assessment questions are taken from ‘real-life’ care worker environments.
  • Assessment scores are stored within the system and will automatically indicate the users level against the national standards.
  • A variety of key reports can be generated by senior personnel for further analysis.

To find out more about our skills for life audit tool please contact us on 0330 995 0840.