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Edgeworks responds to clients concerns about the Care Certificate

Since the introduction of the Care Certificate we’ve been inundated with questions from our clients about what the Care Certificate means and how to meet the training guidelines in the most cost effective way possible.

We thought it was time to clarify some of the most confusing aspects of the Care Certificate. So we’ve put together an article that provides answers to the burning questions.

  • What’s the difference between ‘Accredited’ and ‘Recognised’ training providers?
  • Is the Care Certificate Mandatory?
  • Does the Care Certificate need to be completed in the first 12 weeks?
  • Can e-learning be used to complete the Care Certificate?
  • How can ‘Higher Demand’ assessments be covered?

Read our answers at http://blog.care-academy.co.uk/2015/07/feeling-bamboozled-by-the-care-certificate.html

We understand that clients clarity and simple, cost effective solutions. If you would like to view Care Academy or have an informal chat about how we can help you reduce cost, improve efficiency or achieve compliance, then please get in touch.