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Care-Academy Offline Course Management – Version Upgrade

Edgeworks has today released a version upgrade to the current SKILLS365 Offline Course Management module used within the Care-Academy.

Edgeworks Care-Academy has been developed to assist care organisations to meet the requirements of the Skills For Care (formerly TOPSS England) Induction Standards. The Care-Academy combines a mix of on-line learning, classroom and workplace activities to ensure learning is both enjoyable and effective.

Paul Allman, Head of Learning at Edgeworks said;

“This version has various enhancements including the ability to tie in Care Homes into training locations, giving our enterprise clients improved flexibility and efficiency. This is the first of many enhancements planned for 2007 and shows our on-going commitment to the Care sector.”

For more information on Edgeworks Care-Academy visit the Care-Academy website at http://www.care-academy.co.uk/ or Paul Allman on 0161 228 1712