Turn your company literature into an online marketing communications channel

Edgeworks News2Blog service enables companies to take their existing paper based newsletters and convert them into an on-line marketing communications channel. Whilst many companies invest significant sums in designing, writing, printing and posting company newsletters many then fail to deliver this content on-line, in a search engine friendly format that is readily available to a much wider audience.

News2Blog enables companies to maximise the potential on-line reach of their company newsletter by harnessing the capabilities of the latest blog technology.

Key features and benefits

  • Blog technology is naturally search engine friendly and therefore all the information can be readily indexed by Google, Yahoo, MSN etc.
  • Visitors will always have access to the latest information as well as search through an online archive of previous articles.
  • The online archive ensures that the content you produce has in-built longevity and continues to deliver customers long after the newsletter is first published.
  • Clients have total control over editorial content and production timelines. Unlike their printed counterparts that often require lengthy sign-off and lead times, online newsletters can be updated and amended immediately.
  • The technology is totally scalable and flexible, meaning no worries over pagination.
  • News2Blog provides visitors with the latest email and RSS subscription feeds enabling users to receive updates in a format convenient to them.
  • News2Blog also features and online dashboard to enable clients to monitor subscribers to both email and RSS subscriptions.
  • News2Blog guarantees that all client News2Blog sites will be submitted and indexed by all the key blog engines and directories.

In addition to the key features and benefits News2Blog also provides:

  • News2Blog sites can provide an uplift in terms of search engine optimisation benefits such as links and traffic to a companies main site.
  • News2Blog requires no client side IT resources enabling the marketing team to initiate and control.
  • News2Blog can also be used to post and distribute traditional company press releases enabling customers, journalists and other interested parties to receive the very latest information in a format most suitable to their needs.
  • By encouraging customers to receive newsletters online, companies can make significant savings on their traditional design, print and postage costs.

To find out more about News2Blog visit www.news2blog.co.uk.